TARA & Her Dreams for a Better Future
In the present day, the need for women to be financially stable on their own feet cannot be emphasized enough. Amongst the numerous women Aarohan has helped to earn bread for themselves, one such woman is Tara, a regular housewife living in Malviya Nagar Corner whose life revolved around her home, children and husband hitherto, is now on a new found path of self-actualization and independence.

She is married to Yogendra, a mechanic by profession who earns meagerly Rs. 7000 a month. Burdened with the upbringing of three children with such less income and the ever-soaring cost of living made it increasingly difficult for Tara and her husband to make the ends meet. They dreamt of a bright future for all their three children but it seemed like a distant dream until Aarohan came in for their support. All the three children, studying in 9th, 7th and 6th standard, now avail educational aid at Aarohan after their regular classes at school. They are bright, sincere and dedicated and have a great future ahead waiting for them with open arms.

Tara joined the garments making course offered by Aarohan with the aim to foster a change in her life by being able to earn for and support her family. She underwent a six month training in basic and advanced garment making techniques, encompassing everything from cutting fabrics to designing apparels.

Always keen to learn new things, her curiosity and determination made her one of the fastest learners in the group. After completing the course, she now works in Pooja Boutique near Malviya Nagar Post Office. Her work involves stitching blouses, suits and falls on sarees and these earn her a sum of Rs. 5000 every month.

This change in Tara’s life is one drop in the sea of change brought about by Aarohan in the lives of women. Her soul is stronger than it ever was and with this financial independence she is now capable of doing much more than she had imagined. Her and her husband’s shared dream of a bright future for their children doesn’t seem distant anymore.