“Nirjara” a Success story of Aarohan
In December 2012, Aarohan started the Target Intervention project with Delhi Society for AIDS Control at Mongolpuri and we got introduced to Neeraj who was part of the outreach team for the project. He was a gentle soul - talented but hesitant and depressed. Neeraj has studied till middle school. He had an affable personality and left an impression on whoever he came in contact with. During our visits to the Mangolpuri office we made an effort to seek out people and get to know them and their lives. Neeraj would often share his aspirations, difficulties and confusions about life.

But Neeraj showed the determination and skill to do something worthwhile with his life. As he grew in confidence, he rose to the rank of a Peer Educator in the project. Then in 2016, Neeraj underwent a sex-change operation to become a woman. He then changed his name to Nirjara.

It is very rare within the transgender community that an individual is ready to put in the hard work required to change life’s trajectory and we found that Nirjara was that special person. Nirjara showed great potential and interest in learning about beauty and makeup.

Aarohan team helped Nirjara enroll in a specialized training for makeup and hair dressing from VLCC. She successfully completed the course and today Nirjara has transformed herself as a model. She models for a couple of international cosmetic brands and also trains other models.